Have you tried pedal boats? You haven’t? What a pity! The view of the sights from the Vltava River is totally different from what you’ve been used to until now. If still in doubt, we have a few tips on where to rent a pedal boat, depending on who you want to enjoy it with and how.

Pedal boats in Prague

Try the very centre, Slovanský Island! When the weather is nice, you can see a lot of pedal boats and punts on the Vltava River, scattered around Střelecký Island under the Legií Bridge, from Žofín to Novotný footbridge. All of them leave from Slovanský Island (or Žofín) next to the National Theatre, which also has a small bridge.

Another boat hire is on Smetanovo Embankment below the Hollar Gallery in the Old Town. Popular docks include the Yellow Spa and Smíchov. The rent of boats varies from CZK 200 to CZK 350 per hour, depending on the dock, time of day, and type of boat. Non-swimmers and children can borrow life jackets, the boats can accommodate one to six people, and you can also take or buy snacks to them.

For couples and families: Slovanský Island

Slovanský Island is a convenient dock of three pedal boat hires. The S. P. L. A. V. boat hire, offering punts and pedal boats, is located in the northern tip of the island; the U Kotvy boat hire is on the right side behind the little bridge from Masarykovo Embankment. The Slovanka boat hire is situated in the half of the western island shore and has the widest range of pedal boats and row boats – you can also try a pedal swan or car, motor boat or punt lit in the dark.

A cruise in the moonlight

An unforgettable date can start on the panoramic terrace near the Slovanka boat hire above the Vltava River. To impress your beloved, you can lend a romantic boat with a lamp after 8 p.m. If you want to rent just a pedal boat at any time during the day, it’s definitely worth it to compare the hourly rates of all the three providers on Slovanský Island – they may vary.

For young people and athletes: the Yellow Spa

The complex of the Yellow Spa in Podolí will satisfy even the most passionate water lovers. In addition to a large swimming area, it includes playgrounds for foot tennis, beach volleyball, table tennis and pétanque, kids’ corners, and bar and restaurants for adults. In the morning, you can rent a pedal boat for only CZK 120/hour. To cruise the Vltava River, you can also rent a kayak, a double kayak, a motorboat, or even a paddle board.

For explorers: the Smíchov dock

The Smíchov boat hire offers various boats for longer routes sailing – punts, motor boats, and a cruise raft with a grill for up to 11 people. You can explore the Vltava River from weir to weir, which is about eight kilometres. Walk from the Lihovar bus stop or tram stop, go along Strakonická Street, and walk down to the left river bank – there is also a ferry (the Lihovar dock).