Many people living in Prague or considering moving to Prague make trade-offs between affordability, easy accessibility, sufficient services around the home, and the distance to the city center. Within the metropolis, however, it is still possible to find places that meet all of the above requirements.

You can be home from school or work in no time

Transportation is one of the first criteria we consider when changing our address. Most of us have a car, especially for out-of-town trips. In Prague, it is usually convenient to use public transport, and many places are already served by convenient cycle paths or at least cycle routes. As an example of a good place to live, we can mention Prague 2 and the area below Vyšehrad where you can get housing without a real estate agent in the Albertov Rental Apartments. The project offers both short-term and long-term rentals, so it will serve you both in case of a short-term internship or several years of study and permanent living.

Keep fit

Few people want to sit in front of TV all afternoon; the trend is to be active in your free time. Find a home that allows you to do just that. The location of Albertov Rental Apartments will encourage you to try the nearby tennis courts, the pool in Podolí, or a gym. The adjacent park and bike paths are likely to entice you to stretch your body by jogging, cycling or in-line skating very often. Talking about culture in the context of Prague is pointless, the offer is almost unlimited. When living in Prague 2, just hop on the metro, bus or tram, and you’ll get anywhere in minutes. Whether you’re heading to a concert, an exhibition, the waterfront or a museum, you don’t have to spend a long time driving. And if you choose to drive, there’s no hassle of parking when you get back; you can even have your own parking space in the underground garage on site.

Leave the care of the housing to the caretakers

At Albertov Rental Apartments you can find housing without commission. The apartments here range in size from one-bedroom to four-bedroom apartments and will satisfy a student, a young couple, or a whole family. The rented apartments include customized furniture and they are fully equipped. For example, in the kitchen you will find all the appliances, so you only need to buy the ingredients and you can start preparing and then serving the first dinner. Of course, the apartment has a TV, Internet connection and everything else you may need. And if anything stops working, the local caretakers will fix or replace it for you.