The bathroom is a place where we indulge in solitude. Jumping into the tub ready to read your favorite novel or during a long shower beautifully cleaning your body, mind, and thoughts. The bathroom should be functional to suit all members of the household. It must handle the biggest onrush in the morning and provide space for evening relaxations. Read what you think should not be forgotten in your new bathroom.

Bathroom with a toilet – yes or no?

If you are planning a bathroom with a toilet, consider the location of the toilet so it is not the first thing you see right at the entrance. The reason is simple – warning interior architects, the bathroom door stays opened often and the view of the toilet doesn’t satisfy anyone. So into the view from the hallway, the hall or other parts of the apartment, build anything there, but not the toilet!

Your living space

Are you tall or short? Do you need a long bath or rather wide? How high should the sink be put in? Planning a bathroom renovation will be effective if you think about several important dimensions, including the space required for the toilet and bidet. Selecting sanitary equipment will be easier for you, after.

Tips for a small bathroom

Problems with small spaces can be resolved by placing the sink in a corner! Mirrors on both sides give the room depth and optical zooms. In front of the cornered sink a person does not interfere with other blockages, like when opening the shower stall the door hitting the bathroom door.

You do not need to give up the bathtub even in a small bathroom space. Many companies offer smaller bathtub models that fully meet the cramped environment.

Ventilation is important!

In a bathroom of any size there is always good to have more ventilation modes. This will avoid the risk of mold building up. Moisture alleviates a good opening window and ventilation near the shower leading outside of the building. Underfloor heating also helps to rapidly dry the moist bathroom, especially if it is a direct part of the shower stall without a ceramic tray.

Bathrooms in colors

There are no limits for color combinations in bathrooms. You do not need many decorative elements, and yet the result is still perfect. Even though you may splurge into a smaller space, the overall budget does not change significantly.

After more sedate shades of white and black from past years, it is now in diversity. Extravagant styles can be achieved by combining bright red, yellow, and orange. Sedate nature colors are appreciated by a delicate combination of green and gray. Popular stalwart bathroom furniture is made of wood. Gold , bronze, and stainless steel accessories easily create luxurious appearances of the bathroom that can be changed at any time.

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