Do you like old things? Are you attracted to the countryside? Be inspired by pure French elegance. The beauty of the Provence-style homes is in soft light colors, natural materials and plenty of natural light. Let us show you how to create such an atmosphere in your home.

At first, it may seem difficult, but remember that simplicity is the key. Combine decorations from natural materials, fine fabrics and soft color tones. Easy!

Typical colors of Provence

Forget the bright white. Choose from the many shades of this color, and match the walls, floor and furniture in a traditional rustic style, from ivory to creamy white.

The style of homes in southeast France, which has spread all over the world, is inspired mainly by the colors of the local nature and its materials. It combines stone and wood, and brings a fresh touch of lavender, blue, green, yellow and red shades to the interiors.

Provence-style decorations

Provençal apartments can amaze you with their feel of history and lifestyle of the previous generations. Traditional pieces of furniture retain the natural color of the wood, or they are only slightly stained. The only dark elements in the rooms are dining tables, kitchen worktops, shelves, old chests and benches, mostly made from oak or elm.

Delve into the fabric!

You don’t need to create the sophisticated elegance of the French countryside from scratch. Focus on the decorative elements the Provence-style homes are renowned for – fine breathable curtains, which let the sunlight in the rooms, doilies, tablecloths and shawls of woolen yarn or cotton, pure white bedding with fine embroidery of flowers or lace.

The sweet-smelling kitchen from a fairy tale

Imagine an antique kitchen with a sideboard, cupboard and large dining table made from solid wood and full of pots, saucepans and pans like you know it from classic fairy tales. Tune it into patina or creamy white, and you get the Provence-style kitchen.

Put some herbs in wicker baskets on the worktop and all the culinary ingredients into glass or ceramic jars to show them off.

Pull out your grandmother’s table service

Antique ceramic pitchers, enamelware and thick china plates will stand out in your French kitchen beautifully. Kitchen equipment should also have clean white decor. Tableware, tablecloths and placemats should be decorated only with simple floral patterns.

Shopping for individual pieces in antique shops or at flea markets will soon become your passion. Not all plates and mugs need to be the same, the important thing is the uniform Provence style. Mugs hanging above a wooden worktop are practical decorations.

Welcome your guests

Do you like French-style ceramic plates? Hang them above the kitchen door frame. It’s up to you if you place one plate in the center or three of them to create a pyramid shape. The plates are common interior decorations in Provence, underscoring the warm and cozy atmosphere of the home.

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