Hundreds of people are satisfied with short and long-term stays in Czech residential complexes that offer accommodation without real estate. But what to do when you’re moving to a European city and want to maintain the quality of your home? Just look around to see if our rental apartments are part of a larger network of accommodation providers. If so, you can assume that they will offer similar services in all the facilities.

A strong partner is a guarantee of satisfaction

Albertov Rental Apartments has maintained a high quality of accommodation and related services for a long time. Its clients benefit from the offer of apartments ranging in size from a studio (1+kk) to a four-bedroom apartment (4+kk). The apartments are fully furnished with customized furniture, appliances and high-speed internet access. Housing in Prague 2 benefits from the advantages of the city center, it is well accessible by public transport, and people can find all services, schools for children, cultural and sports facilities as well as shops and restaurants nearby. Each apartment also comes with a parking space. Comfortable living without commission is not only the domain of the Prague metropolis, it also possible elsewhere in Europe.

A different city, a different country, the same quality

The Albertov residential complex is part of the CTR Rental Apartments network that has similar projects in other cities. In addition to Prague, people can also find them in Košice, Slovakia, or Dresden and Regensburg, Germany. Each complex is located in the city center and is well accessible by public transport. In addition to furnished and equipped apartments, it offers other services, including parking spaces. Cleaning and repairs are taken care of by the managers, and clients can also use the reception. Everyday shopping can be handled either on site or in the immediate vicinity, and the same goes for restaurants.

A home for short periods, months, or years

Whether you’re going abroad for a holiday, an internship or even a year-long stay, you’ll find a temporary home in the CTR Rental Apartments without having to change your habits or lower you expectations when it comes to housing. The flexible offer will adapt to your needs and make you feel at home even outside the Czech Republic.