The tradition of wine growing in Prague can be seen mainly in local names: the most famous is the district of Vinohrady (literally Vineyards) and we can find Viničná (Vineyard) Street and Vinný potok (Wine Creek) on the map. However, there are also vineyards with excellent production in the metropolis. A total of 15 vineyards, including the new Albertov vineyard, were presented at the Prague Vineyards event in May, which aimed to raise awareness of viniculture.

The Albertov vineyard is one of the newest

A few years ago, a brand new Albertov vineyard was built on the border of the Vinohrady, Vyšehrad, New Town and Nusle districts. The local conditions with rocky subsoil are suitable for the Pinot Noir and Riesling varieties, complemented by the newly bred Fénix variety. Visitors to the Prague Vineyards 2022 festival could count 850 vines.

Albertov is also a place for rental housing

The vineyard is a part of the Albertov Rental Apartments complex which offers apartments ranging from one to three bedrooms. The apartments are fully furnished, their maintenance is provided by professional staff and each tenant can use not only a parking space, but also reception services and a number of additional services. In practice, this means that all you have to do is choose the right apartment and move in with a minimum of your own belongings. Custom-made furniture, kitchen appliances, TV, and the wireless Internet are included in the rent. In the complex, there is also space for relaxation, for example in the vineyard gazebo.

Good address with garden and private vineyard

Albertov Rental Apartments are located in Prague 2 in the area directly below Vyšehrad. It is accessible by car and public transport. It is close to green areas, and there are bicycle paths in the area. In the complex itself, tenants can find a shop, a restaurant and a large garden, and a small private Albertov vineyard with a romantic gazebo. This type of housing in Prague 2 is suitable for everyone looking for a long-term rental – students, young couples or families who want a quality home without having to spend time on its maintenance. If the clients’ requirements change over time, Albertov can still be their home, for example, by exchanging a smaller apartment for a larger one, while maintaining all the benefits and without having to make any quality and price compromises.