The Lobkowicz Palace, situated in the Prague Castle complex, is worth visiting. You will be pleasantly surprised by the decorated interiors and the extensive exhibition of the private collections of one of the most important aristocratic families in the Czech lands.

A place that “does not belong” to the Castle

The two-storey palace is the only object of the Prague Castle complex in private hands. The old house of Lobkowicz got it back in property restitution in 2002. In 2007, they opened a permanent exhibition presenting two thousand works of art. With its scope and history, it is the most valuable private collection in the Czech Republic still owned by the original owners.

The atmosphere of the life of the aristocracy

The family museum is situated in 22 exhibition halls, and its complexity documents life in Central Europe between the 13th and the 20th century. It includes about 1,500 paintings by world-famous painters, 150 pieces of applied art such as ceramics, porcelain or period furniture, musical archives, a library, and a collection of weapons which used to reflect the important status of the owner.

The most interesting specimens certainly include dinner services and rare scores of compositions by Ludwig van Beethoven.

The history of the Palace from the Middle Ages to the 21st century

Two massive Gothic aristocratic houses used to stand on the site of the Lobkowicz Palace. The originally Renaissance building was built in the first half of the 16th century. Between 1651 and 1668, it was rebuilt in the Baroque style by architect Carlo Lurago.

Before World War II, the palace and estate of the house of Lobkowicz were seized by the Nazi occupiers; after the war, they were nationalized by the ruling Communist regime. In 1987-2006, the palace interior used to present the exhibitions of the National Museum. Today, it hosts private collections of one of the oldest Czech noble families.

Opening hours and admission

The unique museum of European importance is open all year round from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Ideally, you can visit the museum in bad weather; when the weather and visibility is good, you might appreciate the magnificent panoramic views from the terrace. Full admission to the museum is CZK 275 (including an engaging 60 minute audio guide). Tickets to music concerts start at CZK 390 CZK, and the combination of both will cost you at least CZK 590. Most visitors say, however, that the sight is worth the high admission.

How to get there

The historical building of the Lobkowicz Palace and museum is located inside the premises of Prague Castle. To get there, you can take tram 22 or take a walk from Pohořelec – the more distant tram stop. Walk through the Castle courtyards to Jiřská Street, and the Lobkowicz Palace is at the end of the street. Alternatively, you can take the metro A line to Malostranská station and walk up the Old Castle Stairs (Starozámecké schody) to the Palace and the Castle gate.